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Questions On Assessing Student Learning - 978 Words

edTPA Task 3: What You Think About It is not uncommon to imagine a sheet of paper with a list of questions and a score next to them when we think about assessment. Usually, assessments or tests are viewed as methods to quantify what students have learned so that the values can be recorded in a gradebook, but that is not the only purpose of assessments. In fact, assessments can serve for much more in the learning process if developed properly. As required to pass the edTPA, we are to demonstrate than we can use assessments to plan, instruct, and measure student learning, and in order to do that, we must know what to think about when assessing student learning. Through this essay we will discuss the key components that we need to think about when assessing student learning as proposed by Task 3 in the edTPA. The first component in assessing student learning is thinking about the instrument that will be used to gather evidence and make sense of what students have learned and understand about their learning progress. Asse ssment instruments vary in form and include essays to synthesize knowledge, presentations, test worksheets etc., but any assessments must be aligned to measure learning targets and state standards at the appropriate levels of understanding. In many cases, as seen in Figure 1, teachers make sense of the evidence they collect from assessments by making tables and graphs that represent the quantitative measure of student knowledge before and after instruction.Show MoreRelatedEvaluation Of An Effective Assessment Strategies For Students With Special Needs Essay1179 Words   |  5 PagesReport A: 1. Questionings: Assessing literacy in primary school (Running Records) Ontological questions Epistemological questions Technical questions What are the most important ideas that I’ve read to help shape the thinking of assessment? If I know there are students in my classroom who don’t preform to their best ability under test conditions, how can I accommodate these students? What is an effective assessment strategy to use to maintain a positive learning environment? - Why does myRead MoreSoftware to Support Assessment804 Words   |  3 Pagesof software available to help with student assessments; which are important for teachers to understand how the students are learning. Using software to complete student assessments allows students the opportunity to engage themselves in the assessment (Shelly, G, Gunter, G, and Gunter, R (2012). Some software used to assess students is Google Forms, Socrative, and electronic surveys such as survey monkey; technology plays an important role in assessing students. Teachers can use technology to helpRead MoreInterviewing And Conferencing As An Assessment819 Words   |  4 Pagesis a strategy employed by teachers, to evaluate the student’s response to learning. The teacher gathers information while interpreting the evidence in trying to understand and make judgments about the student learning. In presenting assessment to the students, the student has verbalized their knowledge on what they have just learned, organize their thoughts and present it out in the summary. The need for assessing the student aims at understanding what they learned in the classroom and using the gatheredRead MoreEvaluation And Explain The Four Stages Of The Assessment Process1486 Words   |  6 Pagesof the learning process. Assessments not only evaluates the students’, but also the teacher since they are able to evaluate their own techniques and skills. The first thing addressed in the reading is an explanation of the difference between an â€Å"evalu ation† and an â€Å"assessment†. Tenbrink (2015) describes the four stages of the evaluation process. The first step in the evaluation process is the initial preparation for the assessment. This is usually what led you to ant to evaluate that student in theRead MoreRole of Teacher1175 Words   |  5 PagesThere are 5 stages to the teaching Learning Cycle. Enabling Learning Planning Learning Assessing Learning Quality assurance amp; evaluation Identifying Learning The learning cycle can start and finish anywhere on the cycle. There is no start and finish point. Identifying needs Before the students start the course a lot of pre assessment work can be completed, this can take the form of application forms and / or a pre course interview. The student needs can be clearly identified toRead MoreIdentify the Different Types and Different Methods of Assessment Used in Teaching.1339 Words   |  6 Pagesgroup of learners ,at our first session I often find that using Neil Flemings VAK/VARK model tests are a great way to get learners talking and appreciating their varied learning styles. The variations on these tests have been used since 1987 and claim that learners can use the model to identify their preferred style of learning and be able to focus on what brings them most benefits. Visual learners- benefit from visual aids, diagrams, handouts Auditory learners – benefit from listening to recordingsRead MoreAssessments Are Essential Within Education989 Words   |  4 Pagesis to measure students’ progression. They provide evidence of students’ prior knowledge, thinking, and understanding and should be created to meet the needs of every student because every student is different and learns differently, as well as at a different pace. Assessments should reflect the objectives of the lesson being taught and the frequency of those assessments should be considered. Assessments can also help teachers to improve student learning. How assessments affect students should alsoRead MoreMethods in Performing Assessment962 Words   |  4 Pagesa sample of the abilities that are required in the curriculum† (Ian Reece, 2007, teaching, training and learning) Fairness: Fairness censures that everyone has an equal chance of getting a good assessment. â€Å"All learners are entitled to a fair assessment and should be given the best opportunity to demonstrate their ability† (Ann Gravels, 2008, preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector) Authenticity: The work produced by learner in practical life. Currency: The work is still relevantRead MoreEssay about Princilples of Assessment Unit 12 Pttls1553 Words   |  7 PagesJulie Capon Unit 012 Principles of assessment in lifelong learning The types of assessment a trainer will use in lifelong learning include initial, diagnostic, independent assessment, formative, summative, internal, external, formal and informal assessment. â€Å"Assessment is a way to find out if learning has taken place.† Tummons (2007: p5) Gravells (2011:p91), describes the assessment cycle in the following terms; â€Å"the initial assessment, assessment planning, assessment activity, assessment decisionRead MoreBackward Design, a planning guide1555 Words   |  7 Pagesevidence of learning (performances) called for by the standard and the teaching needed to equip students to perform†(Wiggins and McTighe, 2000, page 8). There are two key ideas in Backward Design: 1) Focus on teaching and assessing for understanding and transfer, and 2) Design curriculum â€Å"backward† from those ends. It aims to provide a framework to guide curriculum, assessment and instruction. The backward design framework is based on the following seven key tenets: 1. Learning is enhanced

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The History of Hip Hop Music and Its Transition to Popular...

Hip hop has multiple branches of style and is a culture of these. This essay will examine Hip Hop from the point of view of the following three popular music scholars, Johnson, Jeffries and Smitherman. It will delve deeper into their understanding of what hip hop is and its relation to the different people that identify with its message and contents. It will also identify the history of Hip hop and its transition into popular music. In particular this essay will focus on what hip hop represents in the black community and how it can be used as a social movement against inequalities faced by them. This will then open up the discussion for the how this has influenced society, and the impact it has had in terms of race issues which hip hop†¦show more content†¦Hip hop generally has songs which African Americans can relate to. Although this can be argued, Jeffries’ research into hip hop culture reveals, blacks associate hip hop with â€Å"understanding themselves and othe r black people†. (Jeffries.2011; 29). Jeffries makes a strong point when he compares the power of hip hop artist today being more influential than civil rights heroes. He quotes Nas (famous rapper) as saying â€Å"Some of my niggas in the streets don’t know who Medgar Evers was . . . they know who Nas is† (quoted in Reid 2008). This helped to highlight that today’s generation identifies more strongly with hip hop and views it as not just music but as a sub culture of who they are. This shows that Hip hop is a multi-facet media and is something that can be easily identified with, easily associated with and therefore relatable. Smitherman views hip hop as a means to express pain and the violence the artists have dealt with. He notes that this ‘thug life’ is the key to being authentic, â€Å"giving them legitimate, productive careers† (Smitherman.1997; 21). He cites that Hip hop examines the struggles in a black community that America has abandoned, and demonstrates the evolution of the black culture. In doing so hip hop has allowed both insiders and outsiders to understand and associate with this struggle. (Smitherman.1997; 22). Smitherman quotes Chuck D ofShow MoreRelatedThe Mafia s Influence On Hip Hop1603 Words   |  7 PagesThe Mafia’s influence on Hip-Hop In Rap, there is a unique culture, history, social impact and influence on society. Hip-Hop/Rap is one of the most popular genre of music. It has helped shape the pop culture into what it is today. What is popular culture? The ideas, activities or products, which are popular among the general mass. In today’s pop culture, one subject that is at the top of the list is hip-hop/rap. Hip-Hop music highlights verses consisting of slang and catchy phrases, which someRead MoreThe Relationship Between Politics And Hip Hop Music Essay1570 Words   |  7 PagesRap and Rebellion: The Relationship Between Politics and Hip-Hop Music The rap subculture is widely agreed to have been established in the Bronx, New York during the 1970’s. At a time when block parties became popular, especially among African-American youths, hip-hop music was a means of expressing opinions and values and as a new source of communication. At these gatherings, DJs would play percussive breaks from popular songs, often on two turntables to enable them to extend these breaks. ThisRead MoreSomething for Nothing: The Art of Rap1032 Words   |  5 Pagesof Hip-Hop has never been as great as it is in this day and age. Often dismissed by a majority of America as simply a fad, hip hop has become a global phenomenon and has arguably been the most popular form of music for the past three decades. Hip-Hop has influenced art, language, fashion, culture, and sports. This music has been used to teach elementary level children, it has been taught in undergraduate universities and serves as a bridge for hundreds of philanthropies. The influenc e of Hip-HopRead MoreA Brief Note On Hip Rap And Hip Hop And Rap Industry830 Words   |  4 Pages Hip Hop In Bollywood Living in the 21st century, one is highly exposed to many different cultures. Due to this high exposure lot of artists gain the ability to diversify their music. Yo Yo Honey Singh, is a prime example of an artist who used the high exposure to introduce a new and exciting style of music to the Bollywood industry. Bollywood being the largest movie producing industry in the world, is known for its native and colorful music. Yo Yo Honey Singh being an Indian rapper and hip hopRead MoreThe Evolution Of Music Throughout History934 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout history, music has and will probably always be at the heart of almost every culture. The evolution of music can be compared right along with the evolution of man and the beliefs in his era. This idea is very apparent in the articles â€Å"Minstrelsy†, â€Å"Johnny Rebel and the Cajun Roots of Right-Wing Rock†, and â€Å"Black Women and Black Men in Hip Hop Music: Misogyny, Violence and the Negotiation of (White-Ow ned) Space.† In â€Å"Minstrelsy† from â€Å"Encyclopedia of American Studies† it explains partRead MoreHip Hop Wars By Tricia Rose3817 Words   |  16 PagesWhen Tricia Rose speaks to the concept of â€Å"hip hop wars† in her writing, she is referring to a broad range of different conflicts that are taking place in all areas of hip hop. In the introduction to her book, she begins to explain her multitude of concerns surrounding certain topics in hip hop. She begins by saying that the most financially successful hip hop has become a way of caricaturing â€Å"black gangstas, pimps and hoes† (p. 1). She goes on to explain that homophobia, hypersexism, antisocialRead MoreEssay about Hip Hop1101 Words   |  5 PagesHip-hop is known as a culture movement. Hip-hop is a pleasing art form, formed by African-Americans and Latinos in the late seventies. Its formation derives from a young generation of African-Americans in South Bronx, New York. They created a beautiful, c omplimentary expression of melody, skill and dance from an environment of poverty. Ever since it has encouraged people from all across the world. Hip-hop is discussed as an art form and not just flowing, it typically is meant to include the fourRead MoreEssay on Hip Hip1788 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Hip hop as a ding an sich is marked by some confusion. Consider the name; is it quot;hip hop,quot; quot;hip-hopquot; or quot;hiphopquot;? You will see all three used in titles in this bibliography. Hip hop is, at the same time, a cultural phenomenon that developed in the late 70s in the projects in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and a musical style from that phenomenon. Nevertheless, hip hop has become a pervasive element of popular culture, as witnessed by this bibliography. There are hip hopRead MoreA Brief Note On Hip Rap Culture And Hip Hop1862 Words   |  8 PagesResearch Paper Hip Hop Culture â€Å"Hip-hop gave a generation a common ground that didn t require either race to lose anything; everyone gained.† -Jay-Z. I truly believe that the culture of hip hop really does have the power to bring people together. Hip hop is capable of bringing unity and even a sense of community amongst different people and different culture. The world is very diverse place filled with a mixture of various backgrounds, environments, beliefs, practices, etc., but Hip Hop can provideRead MoreRap Music And The Music Industry2018 Words   |  9 Pages Rap music led to more black professionals in the music industry. Rap can be traced back to its African roots. Before rap stories were told rhythmically over drums and instruments. This era was known as the golden age of rap. Rap did and has changed the face of music for the better. Old school flows were relatively basic and used only few syllables per bar. Simple rhythmic patterns, and basic rhyming techniques and rhyme schemes. There are different variations of flow, such as the syncopated

Childrens Dual Language

Question: Discuss about theChildrens Dual Language. Answer: Introduction Dual language in children is a concept that refers to the process of teaching children to communicate in two languages or more. In the childs early life usually between one and three years, the childs ability to learn can be compared to that of an adult because it is at this stage that they begin developing approaches to learning language among other domains. Research has found out that a good number of children speak other languages other than English at home. For the purposes of second language acquisition, researchers have stated that learning of the first language is quite critical. This because if a child is not is not dexterous in their first language, this is likely to affect their ability to learn a second language (Najafi, 2011). What Researchers have Examined (Hammer et al., 2014) while studying bilingualism in children found out that economic status of the childs family plays a great role in their ability to learn two languages. He found out that Children from low income background who join kindergarten with no skills to communicate in English are unlikely to catch up with their counter parts from well of families. Research conducted by different researchers has considersdered different factors in their research on dual language development in children (Hammer et al., 2014) found out that a number of factors play a role in assessing a childs dual language ability. They considered childs mastery of their first language vocabulary, Childs mastery of their second language, as well as the childs mastery and ability to communicate in both languages. Acquisition of a second language at an early age is often referred to as early bilingualism. It is the opposite of late bilingualism which is the acquisition of a second language at a late age. Of great consideration is the context in which the childs acquires their second language. Here researchers have analyzed how different children acquire their second language by considering secondary or primary bilingualism. Primary bilingualism refers to the act of acquiring a second language through interaction with the people around you. This is particularly happens inform of unstructured communication among the people around the child. On the other hand secondary bilingualism happens in a formal context. This is whereby a child is specifically taught in order to acquire a second language. So researchers will take into consideration whether the child acquired the second language naturally or whether they were taught. Regarding the proficiency of a bilingual child, researchers have considered Receptive and Productive ability of the child. The difference between these two is the understanding and producing of the two languages. Receptive bilingualism means that a child can understand both languages but they are not able to produce the two languages on their own. On the other hand, productive ability refers to the ability of the child to understand and communicate in both languages. By putting these into consideration, the researcher is able to classify the child accordingly according to their level of competence. Researchers have also considered children from the new and the old communities. In this context, old communities in particularly country reefers to the people who have originated from the country, while on the other hand, new communities refer to the immigrants into a particular country. Dual language development abilities of these two communities are likely to be different. .immigrants may shift to their new countries without completely taking over the Grammatical system that exists in the grammar of native speakers (Collins, 2014) How they Conducted the Research Regarding the childs proficiency, they evaluated each bilingual child individually on the childs ability to express their ideas feelings, thoughts and wishes in both languages. They then rated the childs proficiency level on a linear scale. They conducted their research mostly through observation of the sample population within different contexts. They did their research within the home settings of the children m, within the larger societal setting as well as within the formal school settings. The Research involved sampling children from different economic backgrounds and gender. Findings After conducting thorough research, different researchers have come up with a wide range of findings. (Pena Halle, 2011) found out that children of the new bilingual type had had a grammatical gender loss as compared to the monolingual ones. Researchers have also found out that bilingualism in children brings a lot of advantages to these children as compared to their counterparts who have mastery of only one language. In particular, they have indentified bilingual students as having the ability of being more creative, possessing sharp problem solving skills and being able to observe tolerance towards different kinds of people. This was however, was the opposite with children who can speak only one language. Other researchers have found out that, both bilingual and monolingual and bilingual children display similar patterns in language acquisition despite the fact that bilingual children are not so much exposed to the two languages as are the monolingual children within the same setting. Researchers have also disputed the notion that a child cannot adequately learn two languages at the same time. Some people have always been of the opinion that a child is not in the capacity of learning two languages simultaneously without getting mixed up as to which words belong to which language, however, it has been argued that so long as people interacting with the child in a social context are using the two languages each at a particular time, the child will automatically learn the appropriate way of using each language within the course of time and be able to communicate effectively,. Parents also play an integral role in the childrens acquisition of more than one language. Precisely, if parents speak to their children using the two languages at different times, they are likely to make them acquire vocabularies in both languages. On the other hand, the language community has also been identified as playing a role in a childs dual language development. In this case, if they support the use of all the languages this is likely to have a positive impact on a childs multilingual capacity while on the other hand if one of the two languages is preferred by the wider community this is likely to hinder the childs dual language development. Additionally watching television in the second language has been identified as factor that has promoted the ability of children to become multilingual. However, this has been associated with deterioration of the childs use of the first language. Suggestions for Promoting Positive Dual Language Development in Children Based on research by different researchers, a number of lessons can be drowning from their findings in order to promote positive dual language development in children. The first suggestion is that parents and early childhood development should use the two languages appropriately. They are supposed to use each of the languages separately without mixing the two in single conversation .This is likely to enable the children make a distinction between the vocabularies that exist in each of the languages. Parents should also not discourage Dual language development in their children on the notion that it is likely to make them confused. Although this is not true, it could hinder the childs ability to lean a second language. This can also be achieved through engaging in communications with the children using the two languages. Parents can develop the culture of maintaining a communication flow between them and their children using different languages. This will not only encourage them to keep talking, but it will also make them acquire mastery of the languages. (Tabors, 2008) argued that teachers are tasked with the responsibility of introducing new and interesting words in all the classroom activity to enable learning. Childhood educators should therefore ensure that they break the classroom monotony which will speed up the learning process and ease the understanding of the use and meaning of the words. The children should also be allowed to interact with other children as well as adults to improve on their mastery of language. Conclusion In conclusion dual language capacity is quite important especially in the current times where knowing many languages has become the norm. Its clear that Researchers dealing with dual language development in children have those factors that they consider in their research. Such research should be objective and represent the wider picture. Parents, the society and childhood educators have roles to play in as far as promoting of dual language in children is concerned .Thy should therefore ensure that that play their roles sufficiently so that they can enhance learning among these children. References: Najafi, B. (2011). Supporting Positive Language and Literacy Outcomes for Young Dual Language Learners: Introduction. Child Development Perspectives, 5(1), 1-3. Tabors, P. (2008). One child, two languages. Baltimore, Md.: Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co. Collins, B. (2014). Dual language development of Latino children: Effect of instructional program type and the home and school language environment. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 29(3), 389-397. Hammer, C., Hoff, E., Uchikoshi, Y., Gillanders, C., Castro, D., Sandilos, L. (2014). The language and literacy development of young dual language learners: A critical review. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 29(4), 715-733. Pea, E. Halle, T. (2011). Assessing Preschool Dual Language Learners: Traveling a Multiforked Road. Child Development Perspectives, 5(1), 28-32. Hachar, S. (2014). Dual Language: A Study on Teachers and Administrators' Perceptions of Dual Language Effectiveness: Pre-K through Third Grade in Spain. Journal Of Education And Human Development, 3(4).

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin Persuasive Essay Example For Students

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Persuasive Essay Uncle Toms CabinHow AccurateFew books can truly be said to have altered the course of history, and even fewer can be said to have started an entire war. Uncle Toms Cabin, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe was one novel to do both. Abraham Lincoln said to Harriet Beecher Stowe upon meeting her, So this is the little lady who made this big war. Uncle Toms Cabin had a tremendous effect on early 19th century thoughts of slavery, stirring abolitionist support in the North. The novel is a realistic, although fictional, view of slavery with the images of brutal beatings and unfair slave practices. After reading Uncle Toms Cabin thousand of Northerners became impassioned for the anti-slavery cause. Uncle Toms Cabin helped eventually, to turn the tide of public opinion against slavery in the 19th century. We will write a custom essay on Uncle Tom’s Cabin Persuasive specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now This controversial novel was initially written to question slavery, convince people of its immorality and to promote the abolitionist cause. The novels rendering of the slave holding South is not entirely an accurate interpretation of what it was like though. Beecher overexaggerated and overlooked several facts in novel, especially pertaining to the practice of slave trading. To have her readers empathize more with the slaves, Beecher put the worst stories in and the cruelest practices of the slave trade. Although most of Uncle Toms Cabin is very close to the reality of slavery, many aspects of the slave trade were portrayed inaccurately (Taylor). One of the first miscalculated aspects of the slave trade is the reason for Southern states involvement in the interstate slave trade. Stowe depicted Kentuckys involvement in the slave trade due to the poor soil of the region and economic ties with the practice. She implied in the beginning half of the novel that many Kentuckians resorted t o being bondmen in the slave trade due to the infertile land of the Bluegrass Region. On the contrary, Kentucky where the bulk of the slave trade was supposedly concentrated has long been blessed with great fertility. The high phosphorus content and the goodly depth of soil results in land favorable for cultivation (Levy). Stowes explanation for why Kentucky became involved in the slave trade was misguided. She also inaccurately displays the importance of the slave trade in the Southern economy. She makes it out to be a big business and in common place among many traders. In the novel Stowe starts chapter ten with Tom about to be sold off to the slave trader Haley. His whole family knows that Tom has been traded and is devastated about the situation. Stowe comments on the hardships of slave life and the fear of being sold at a moments notice when she states in her narrative voice that many of the fugitives confessed themselves to have escaped from comparatively kind masters, and tha t they were induced to brave the perils of escape, in almost every case, by the desperate horror with which they regarded being sold South,a doom which was hanging either over themselves or their husbands, their wives or children.She goes on to say that there is a lot of money to be made by the industry. In a later section she depicts a slave warehouse where she reiterates the fact that the slaves are horrified to be sold. She goes on to further saying that many slaves are sold many times in their lives for whatever reason. Briskness, alertness, and cheerfulness of appearance, especially before observers, are constantly enforced upon them, both by the hope of thereby getting a good master, and the fear of all that the driver may bring upon them if they prove unsalable. True, many Southerners relied on slaves for their livelihood and at the time the biggest business in the South was agriculture. But the actual amount of people that made money of slaves was less than Stowe depicts. Ou t of the $61 million invested on slave property in 1840s Virginia, the state brought in less than 3% profit on the investment capital (Levy). The truth of the matter was that slaves were not a good investment. An estimated 75% of the slave trade in the upper South was superannuated, sick, women in unfit condition for labor, and infants unable to work ( Taylor ). Bondmen werent that important, and in fact their numbers were seeing decrease at the time Stowe published Uncle Toms Cabin. The total percentage of bondmen in Kentucky population had stood at 24 percent of white males in 1830, but by 160 it saw its decrease to 19.5 percent. The South didnt rely on slavery for profit and the few that did didnt make that much money at it. One of the incorrect stereotypes in Uncle Toms Cabin was the depiction of what the public thought of slave traders. One description of a trader in chapter 12 was O, but nobody thinks anything of these traders! They are universally despised, never received int o any decent society.. Stowes generalization of them is mostly true. The general public did not approve the slave trading business or, for that matter a majority of the prominent slave holders. One slave owner in Kentucky stated that, to be called such a lowly creature as a negro trader was the last word of opprobrium to be slung at a man. Stowe makes the readers think that Slave traders are the scum of the earth and that everyone hates them. One of the inaccuracies that Stowe uses in Uncle Toms Cabin is why exactly a slave was sold. First of all she has Tom having three different owners throughout the course of the book. In one statistic it was shown that the average slave had one owner in their life, with less than 40% of the slave population having three or more masters in the course of their life (Taylor). One or more of the following factors dictated the sale of a servant: When such a sale was necessary to settle an estate. Much like that of St. Clares after he died, he didnt p ut anything in his will about them so Marie sold them to the warehouse. When a slaves delinquent behavior necessitated his or her disposal, they were also sold. When the owner was in dire need of money for the payment of debt, they were also sold. This is seen with Mr. Shelby at the beginning of the book. He owes a large sum of money to Haley so he is forced to sell Henry and Tom. Also when a captured fugitive slave is unclaimed for one year, or simple desire of material gain. Stowe had depicted two in one lifetime of a slave, this is an over exaggeration of the circumstances of trade (Levy). It wasnt a delicate issue, and owners didnt trade their slaves unless absolutely necessary. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a stunning portrayal of slavery at the time she wrote the story, and in doing so included the worst stories she could find. Although she conveys many truths about certain aspects of the industry, she also overexaggerates what slave trading was like. She made traders out to be far crueler then many were. She also wrote about the importance of traders in the economy, although they had very little. Even though exaggerated the grim portrayals of slavery helped to fan support across the nation for abolitionism. So although she exaggerated her facts, Stowes rendition of slavery accomplished exactly what she had planned for it to do and thankfully too. Without this book we might not have awakened to the evils that the system promoted. Words/ Pages : 1,270 / 24

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Kill Two Birds With One Stone in French

Kill Two Birds With One Stone in French The French proverb faire dune pierre deux coups seems a little more humane than its English equivalent, to kill two birds with one stone, but theres no telling what the two jobs are- the proverbial stone could be killing birds, or it might be knocking cans off a wall or striking two windows at once. Of course, this is all very literal; the proverb is really talking about efficiency, getting two things done at the same time instead of just one. Pronunciation: [fehr dun pyehr deu koo] Meaning: to kill two birds with one stone Literal translation: to strike twice with one stone, to do two jobs with one stone Register: normal Examples Si tu viens avec moi, on peut faire dune pierre deux coups. If you come with me, we can kill two birds with one stone. Jai fait dune pierre deux coups  : en rentrant de la poste, je suis passà © par le pressing pour rà ©cupà ©rer ta veste. I killed two birds with one stone: on my way back from the post office, I went to the dry-cleaners and picked up your jacket. Synonymous expression: Faire coup double Related expression: Faire un coup (informal) - to do a job, particularly something illegal

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Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Discussion - Assignment Example He also introduced the idea of equality by showing the value of each person irrespective of his rank (Zola, 2003). The two artists use the same technique to communicate to the public and present their ideas. Manet used a large canvas, which was past the standard canvases sold during his time. Tucker (1998) indicates that the painting was done on a large canvas, of almost a similar size to those used by historians to document noble events. It was done on a 208 X 264 cm canvas. He may have been passing on information to the public about his might as a painter, or may have been showing the authorities that they are all the same irrespective of status. He painted a stark naked model in a canvas of the same size as those used by the authorities; this could have been a way of telling the authorities that even the stark naked deserve to be in such canvases. During his time, stark naked pictures were not respected and were considered inappropriate. Manet may have been saying that, whatever people think is inappropriate, could be appropriate in some other way; they were all the same. A similar technique is used by Courbet in his Burial at Ornans. In this painting, there is a group of people; the mayor, the priest, and different other people, prominent and not, with their respective outfits. They are depicted with their own personal worries. Within the picture, at the edge of the grave, there is a gravedigger sitting on his knees. He sits on his knees, but is the only one with the head held high. Buchon (1977) notes that, â€Å"he alone commands† (p. 3). This picture shows that even if one is a gravedigger, there is an area where he will outwit the rest. It also shows that even if one is a priest, king, or highly ranked official, when it comes to the time of burial, they will all look up to the gravedigger. The gravedigger, therefore, has a

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Medical Law and Ethics Discussion Questions Essay - 1

Medical Law and Ethics Discussion Questions - Essay Example Since doctors and other healthcare professionals are highly exposed to malpractice lawsuits due to the delicate nature of their patient treatments, they are forced to buy expensive malpractice insurance coverage in order to protect themselves from suits. Doctors choose to cover all their bases when treating patients by ordering a battery of tests which may or may not be necessary during the course of the patients treatment in order to have hard documentation that they took all possible courses of action during the patients treatment. Thus they oftentimes successfully prevent negligence instead of having to defend themselves from negligence accusations in the future. Common law is applied to cases wherein a judge decides on the outcome of the case. Therefore, common law is created by judges and based upon the merits of the current case or past precedents. Statutory law on the other hand is created by the legislative arm or government of a country. The government has the power to mete out what is deemed to be the proper punishment for certain crimes. Statutory laws also apply to judicial cases which the courts refer to the government for final decisions. The numbering system in public law, also known as the Key Number System is an indexing system used to organize case law materials. This method helps speed up the research time of legal professionals and insures that the material they find is accurate and relevant to their cases since the numbering system applies to the issues that cover the law one is looking up. Burden of proof refers to the evidence presented before the court of law by the prosecution or defense wherein they have to prove any and all accusations that they make against the complainant or defendant in the courts of law. They must present sufficient evidence to the courts in order to convince the judge or jury of their innocence or guilt. Subpoena is a Latin word that means